Melanie Eggleston – Pathway End of Life Doula

Pathway End of Life Doula

About Me  

Whether the desire is for an end of life that is peaceful and painless, in solitude or surrounded by loved ones, medicated or non-medicated, it is my honor and privilege to help a dying person achieve whatever they envision as a “good death.”

I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2011 and was inspired to become an Oncology Massage Therapist in 2013 after learning of a dear friend’s cancer diagnosis. Soon after, while working with cancer survivors, I realized the need for open discussions about the emotional and practical aspects of facing the end of life. With that in mind, I trained in End of Life Massage in 2019 and went on to become an EOL Doula through Going With Grace the following year. In my Death Doula work, I have been described as a “professional daughter” in that I act with the care and compassion of a family member in guiding and supporting individuals and their loved ones through the dying process.


What I Offer

I am able to be a non-biased liaison between client, loved ones, and health care professionals

I can guide you as you fill out important paperwork such as living wills

I can notarize legal documents

I am here to assist loved ones in carrying out your wishes regarding financial affairs and online presence

I can help with funeral and disposition planning


I provide emotional support for you and your loved ones through home visits, virtual visits and unlimited phone calls

I am trained in End of life massage for the dying, I can also provide Swedish massage for caregivers

I am honored to offer bedside vigil services


I can help with childcare and pet care

I am available to run errands for the home

I have eye for organizing possessions, deciding what to purge, gift, and/or donate

I am here to help create a calming environment


Your life is a legacy, we can keep your memory alive through art, photographs and ethical wills

I am happy to fulfill other requests to meet your and your loved ones’ needs


Fees for my services start at $50 per hour, but are discounted when purchased in multiple hour packages. Prepaid packaged hours can be used consecutively or spread out over time, whatever is best for your situation. 

Please know my end of life services are for everyone, if you need financial assistance, please do not hesitate to discuss this with me. 

When the light returns to its source, it takes nothing of what it has illuminated. – Rumi

I am often asked when it is appropriate to have me start working with a client. Caregiving is exhaustive work for your loved ones, please allow me to step in and help sooner rather than later. This gives them the opportunity to savor their time with you. 



Have Questions?

These May Help

What is an End of Life Doula?

End-of-life doulas (also called Death Doulas, Death Midwives, Death Companions, etc.) come from varied backgrounds, experiences and training. They provide non-medical, holistic support to comfort the dying person and their loved ones. Services may include pre-planning, education and guidance as well as emotional, spiritual and practical care. Each EOLD has their own specialty and are happy to make referrals for services they are not trained or able to provide. Above all, End of Life Doulas assist the dying individual in achieving an end of life experience that is as meaningful, peaceful, and as well-prepared as possible for all involved. 

What are your qualifications?

I trained to become an End of Life Doula through I had followed Alua Arthur’s work for several years and took the time I was given during the Covid-19 shut down to begin my training. Prior to this, I was trained as an Oncology Massage Therapist with and as an End of Life Massage Therapist through I am a member of National End-of-life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and I have earned my proficiency badge through them. I am also a Preferred Practitioner through Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM). 

When is it time to find an End of Life Doula?

You do not need to have a terminal diagnosis to begin getting your affairs in order. In fact, the best time to do this part is when you are well! A lot of my clients come to me having already done their end of life planning, but have recently been giving a life limiting diagnosis and would like my support to begin then. 

How is a Doula different from Hospice?

My doula services do not replace hospice, but instead my work compliments their services and gives you care that they are not able to provide. I encourage my clients to enroll in Hospice when they have been told they have about six months of life expectancy left. Hospice is there to care for all the medical aspects at the end of your life and I will be there to support you in a holistic manner. My services include end of life massage, emotional support, errand running, home organization, bedside vigil, legacy work, assistance in carrying out your post mortem wishes with the family, and more. The care I provide is tailored to what my clients’ needs are regardless of where they are in their end of life process. 

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately at this time, I am not able to take insurance. If my fees are not within your budget, please let me know. I feel it’s very important that my services are available to everyone who needs it. 


I have been trying to declutter my house for years with only limited success. Then I found out that Melanie was offering her Swedish Death Cleaning service, so I asked her to come over. In just three hours, we cleared one bedroom, the laundry room, and the dining room of unwanted clutter. Melanie is so easy to work with. She is non-judgmental, just asking if I wanted to keep or get rid of each item. What I did want to keep she put away for me. The rest either got thrown away or put in the give-away pile. At the end my house was so much cleaner and lighter. She made it so easy! If you are looking to clear your home of things you do not need any longer, I highly recommend Melanie. You will be happy with what she can do for you.


I am 63 years of age and have had Stage 4 renal cell carcinoma for the past six years. I had never heard of a death doula until the past several months.

Since meeting Melanie she has been a big help in assisting me in coming to terms in what I am going through. She is a licensed massage therapist specializing in massaging cancer patients. She is absolutely the most awesome person. Has such a soft voice and touch. Knows where to offer and give advice or help with anything I could need. She is helping me transfer from the living into death. Tries to answer questions I have no clue what the answers are.

I would recommend her to anyone with questions or with doubts on death and the hereafter. I have more courage, more confidence, and less fear of the unknown. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing their fear of death. Thank God for Melanie!


“Thank you Lord for giving Melanie the soothing hands of an angel!”